Our Mission

To provide the highest quality, healthy luxury mattresses and bedding direct-to-you, at the price it should cost. No gimmicks.

Knowing how retail bedding stores operate, we wanted to provide you with all the benefits of a retail store while eliminating all of the inconveniences. You can purchase a luxury mattress in a retail store, however, most of that price isn't for the quality of the mattress. You pay the brand, the retailer, the store overhead, and the sales commissions. You can also be confused and possibly manipulated into purchasing something the sales person wants to sell you, which may not be the perfect mattress for you. Here at #Mattress, we made the best luxury mattress for any position sleeper, no gimmicks or deceptive marketing tactics. With over thirty years in the industry, we know bedding, we know sleep. We've eliminated the excess costs and profits to bring you high-end luxury mattresses and bedding that is up to 70% less than traditional retail.

- Executive Team, Hashtag Mattress

This mattress gave me the best sleep I have had in a long time. I highly recommend this mattress for anyone who wants a good night sleep.

Daniel Salcedo
Winchester, VA

By far the best mattress I’ve owned! It allows for the perfect back support and is just the right amount of firm and softness that allows for me to enjoy a better nights rest.

Brittany E.
Pine Bush, NY

My back pains have vanished! Who knew latex could solve a problem I thought was cronic. Never going back to memory foam again!

Jason F.
Middletown, NY

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